How to Form New Nations in Imperator: Rome

imperator rome

Forming new nations is one of the most fulfilling parts of any map-based grand-strategy game. And so you’re going to want to do it in Imperator: Rome.

Forming new nations in Imperator: Rome shows quite clearly to you, and to your foes, the progress your civilization has made; that you can now take upon yourself a greater new identity.

So how do you do it?


You can form new nations in Imperator: Rome by meeting the required goals that are listed in the decisions panel. To find them, click on the dark blue circular panel with two geezers looking away from each other.

You’ll generally be tasked with controlling certain provinces that are handily lit up green for you, and to also be a certain tech level. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the option to take the decision will light up green. Simply click it, and there you are, a new nation will have been formed.

Imperator: Rome