How to Gain Trust at Encampments in Days Gone

Days Gone

As you play through Days Gone, the open world survival adventure exclusive to PS4, you’ll come across several encampments.

Each encampment is a safe haven, somewhere protagonist Deek can visit to refuel, restock ammo, and pick up new missions. For each camp, Deacon has a number of credits and a trust rating. Raising that trust level is key to unlocking new items at a camp’s gun store and mechanic – but how do  you raise it?

Simply, your trust with an encampment is raised by running errands for them. Each camp is completely separate, so you’ll have a different trust rating and different credit amount with each one. To raise your trust level with a specific camp, you’ll want to do missions for that camp’s leader.

You’ll occasionally get messaged on your radio while you’re riding around Days Gone’s world from a camp leader, telling you there’s a new mission available. Returning to that camp and talking to the leader will add that mission to your list. Completing it will net you a bank of credits and an increase to your trust rating.

Other random side missions will sometimes increase your trust with a camp, too, even if it’s not a mission that a camp leader gave you. It’s worth checking your mission select screen for side missions that will improve your standing with a camp.

Finally, trading in bounties to an encampment will also increase your trust with that camp. Each bounty isn’t worth much by itself, but they soon add up – especially if you’ve taken down hordes – so remember to trade them in with the camp you’d like to  build trust with.

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