How to Save and Load Your Game (and Cheat!) in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Want to save and load your game in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy? Here’s how to do that, and ensure your cases aren’t thrown out of court as well.

You can save your game when you’re investigating, or when you’re in court, as long as you’re not in the process of presenting evidence. To save, do this:

  • Hit the menu button (options on PS4)
  • Select Save (X on PS4)
  • Choose a slot.
  • Select the slot again.

To load, do the same, but choose load instead of save.


However, you can be a bit sneaky with this. When you’re in court if you make enough mistakes, you will lose the case. But what you can do – and what we recommend you do – is to save your game each time you get a new cross-examination. Or, if you’re about to be asked to present evidence, save there (but in a different slot).

If you present the wrong evidence, reload and try again, and you won’t lose any court points. This saves you having to go back to the beginning of the trial day when your mistakes cost you the trial.

Remember to save regularly and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will never lose (for long).Happy Honest lawyering!