How to Save Your Game in Days Gone

Days Gone is a massive open world adventure – so you want to make sure you save regularly to ensure you don’t lose any progress. Here’s how.

Thankfully, Days Gone has a pretty robust autosave system, so if anything does happen it’s unlikely you’ll lose too much progress. The games seems to save itself at the start and end of every story mission, as well as any checkpoints between missions. It should also save itself every time you complete a new side mission.

However, autosave won’t save after long journeys, unless you’ve also completed a mission. So drive from one side of the map to the other, only to be taken down by a runner at the last stop, and you’ll have to do the journey all over again.

Thankfully, there’s a manual save system available for times like those. As long as you’re not in a story mission, you can create a manual save point at any time you’re near Deacon’s motorcycle or a bed. Just make sure you’re not currently in combat (or spotted by an enemy).

You can quicksave by pressing triangle on your PS4 controller. If you want to make a duplicate save slot or choose your own save slot, you can also go into the main menu to save. Click options on the controller, then scroll down to save game. Choose a slot, and press OK. That’s it – your game is safely saved.

Remember – you have to be near Deacon’s motorcycle or a bed to be able to save the game, either via the menu or quicksave.

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