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How to Save Your Game in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

Mystery adventure meets dungeon crawler Zanki Zero: Last Beginning from Spike Chunsoft is now available on PS4 and PC. Being a pretty hefty game, you’re going to want to save your progress regularly.

Here’s everything you need to know about saving your game in Zanki Zero.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning puts you in control of eight protagonists, each with their own interesting story to tell. All wound up on a mysterious island, none of them initially know why they’re there. But given a series of mysterious tasks to complete, the nature of why they’re all there soon begins to unravel. In order to help them get off the island and figure out what’s going on, you’ll have to explore, solve puzzles, fight your way around dungeons and more. There’s a hell of an adventure on your hands – providing you save your game, that is.

Unfortunately, Zanki Zero doesn’t have an autosave feature. Nor does it let you save your game at any point you like: you can only save at designated save points.

Save points are easily distinguishable – you’ll see a table set up with a little book. Interacting with it will enable you to enter the save menu. In the save menu you can overwrite a previous save or create a new save file.

The first save point you come to will be in the garage, the first location you’ll find on Zanki Zero‘s starting island. Any time you have control of your character, you can revisit this save point.

You don’t always get to save very often, though. Going through a dungeon will give you very few save points, so make sure you save before you go in. It’s a good idea to interact with every save point you find, so you don’t lose any progress.

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