How to Store Guns in Days Gone

Days Gone 2

In Days Gone, you have a gun locker that you can access your collection of guns from. But how do you add guns to it?

Whenever you buy a gun from an encampment’s merchant, it’s automatically added to your gun locker. You can then access that gun locker at any merchant, or any place where there’s a bed for you to sleep (bunkers, your safe house, unlocked NERO outposts).

But apart from purchasing them, you can also acquire guns by looting them from enemies you’ve killed. Occasionally you’ll find a really good one – how do you add it to your gun locker to save it for later?


The short answer here is, unfortunately, you can’t.

If you loot a gun, you’re free to use it as long as it’s in your possession. But Days Gone doesn’t allow you to store that gun in your gun locker. If you equip another gun, your looted gun will drop to the ground. It won’t stay there forever, so that’s not a valid storage technique, either.

Thankfully, all guns that you find are purchasable at some point in the game – you may just have to improve your trust rating with an encampment in order to buy it.

If you find a great gun dropped by an enemy, then, simply keep hold of it. Don’t change it over for a gun from your gun locker unless you find something better along the way.

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