How to Turn in Bounties in Days Gone

You’ll gather a lot of bounties from freakers as you play Days Gone.

Downing an infected enemy in the game will leave a bounty on the floor. Marked with a playing card, Deacon will automatically pick these up if you walk close to them. Typically the ears of the enemies, they can be collected up and sold for money and trust at any friendly camp in Days Gone.

The value of a bounty depends on the type of enemy you kill. Swarmers are most common, so you’ll always have more swarmer ears than anything else. But as you progress through Days Gone you’ll meet more types of freakers. Some pose a much bigger threat to you, so will give you a greater bounty.

Bounties can be traded in at any camp, but choose wisely. Camp credits are unique to each camp, as is the amount of trust it holds for you. It makes sense to build trust with a camp that’s most useful to you – one that has better bike parts, or better weapons to buy, for instance.

In order to trade in bounties, find the trader inside the camp labelled Bounties – it’ll be marked on your map with the same playing card icon as the bounties themselves. Interact with the trader by pressing and holding square. You can choose to trade in some of your bounties by choosing from the menu. You can sell all of them at once by pressing triangle.

There seems to be no upper limit on the amount of bounties you can carry at any one time, so it’s sometimes worth keeping hold of them. Don’t rush to hand them in at the first camp you come across; save them until you reach the camp you want to trade with, if possible.

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