How to Upgrade Weapons in World War Z

World War Z 1

World War Z throws a hell of a lot of zombies at you, and to take them down effectively you’re going to want to upgrade your weapons.

Thankfully, upgrading the weapons available to you in World War Z is quite a simple process, but also one that takes time.

To upgrade each the weapons available to you, you essentially just need to use them. As you use each weapon to kill zombies, you gain some experience. Earn enough experience to level up your proficiency with any weapon, and an upgrade becomes available for purchase.

By heading into the Customisation menu and then selecting Weapon Customisation when in a lobby, you can see a list of all the weapons available and your current level with them. When there’s a new upgrade available, a yellow icon will be displayed.

Each weapon has five levels of mastery for you to attain, and with each level the cost of the upgrade gets higher. Expect to complete a lot of missions before you can afford to fully upgrade even one weapon. Some weapons also offer you multiple upgrades at each level, allowing you to fine tune their statistics to your preferences.

The good news is that weapon upgrades are universal in World War Z, meaning that once you’ve upgraded a weapon any character class gets the benefit. Upgrade the weapons that you find the easiest to handle and you’ll find yourself mowing down zombies with ease.

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