Planet Coaster Devs Announce Zoo Simulation, Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo

Fed up yet of building roller coasters in Planet Coaster? Frontier may have the answer for you: animals.

Frontier, the development studio behind the popular roller coaster simulation game, has just announce it’s working on a brand new title: Planet ZooPlanet Zoo promises to be the “ultimate zoo simulation”, allowing players to design their own animal attractions while managing the welfare and conservation of their inhabitants.

The game will feature a range of realistic animals, each of whom will have their own personality and requirements that’ll need to be met in order to build a successful zoo. Players will have the opportunity to raise animals from birth, study new species, and learn what it takes to successfully raise wild animals.


There’ll of course be plenty of opportunity for design, too: players will have free reign on building their dream zoo, from pathways to decorations to other attractions. Frontier promises Planet Zoo to host an evolution of Planet Coaster‘s excellent creation tools, allowing for total freedom of creativity. Players will be able to build caves, craft mountains, dig lakes and more as they create the perfect habitat for their animals.

Planet Zoo will be coming exclusively to PC in autumn 2019. There’s no set release date just yet, but we’re already excited to pet those baby elephants. Check out the adorable trailer below.