Play Through the Pages of a Tech-Noir Graphic novel with Liberated

Enter a playable graphic novel with multiple perspectives in Liberated.

Independent developer Atomic Wolf in collaboration with L. inc and publisher Walkabout Games announced its playable tech-noir graphic novel, Liberated, with a new trailer.

Liberated is set to launch later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Jump right into the frame of a graphic novel, where classic motion comic storytelling transitions into fully playable action section in a story about technological surveillance squeezing society’s freedom away.

Liberated tells the story of a world where government authorities use advanced technology to manipulate the population. Civil rights are a thing of the past, with the government engaging in complete surveillance of every citizen in the world. Social media activity, online payments and GPS location tracking from mobile devices are just some of the ways that every person is being monitored. In this world there are insurgents resisting this oppression, fighting for their freedom while government agents try to main order and control. In Liberated, players will experience both sides of the conflict with every choice changing the course of the story.

Told over four chapters, Liberated is an interactive graphic novel that combines the experience of a motion comic into a video game. Liberated transitions from choice-based branching story sequences to fully playable action sequences as the action moves from panel to panel.

Check out the trailer below.