Sea of Thieves Will Receive Lots of New Content in Their Anniversary Update

Shiver me timbers, a new update?

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is headed our way on April 30th and there’s been quite a few announcements in regards to what we should expect to see when it debuts. Over the course of three weeks the team with Sea of Thieves have dedicated one gaming stream to each of the new things coming to the game – The Arena, The Hunter’s Call and Tall Tales: Shores of Gold.

The Arena is the new competitive mode coming to Sea of Thieves, hosted by a new Trading Company, the feisty Sea Dogs. You can check out the Preview stream for The Arena here. And check out the trailer for it.

The Hunter’s Call is the name of another new Trading Company established by fan favourite Merrick who first showed up missing some body parts during the events of The Hungering Deep. The top priorities of the Merrick’s family business are fishing, hunting and cooking all features coming in the Anniversary update. Again you can watch the full length stream here. And feast your eyes on that trailer.

Tall Tales: Shores of Gold did not receive a Content Update as they want players to discover the mystery themselves but they did release a Cinematic Trailer. And the stream of course.

And check out the overview trailer for the anniversary update below.