Show Your Love for Xbox With a New Pair of Socks

Or a coaster. Or a hat.

Numskull, champions of gaming merchandise none of us need but we all absolutely want, has just revealed its latest range. And it’s all about Xbox.

While PlayStation merch has been aplenty for years, this is the first time Numskull has worked with Microsoft’s gaming brand, and so it’s a rare opportunity for Xbox aficionados to show their love by adoring themselves and their house with official branding.

The range will launch in May, but can be preordered right now on GeekStore. If geeky merch is your thing, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to:

  • Controller Button coasters
  • Xbox One controller metal keychain
  • “Achievement unlocked” keychain
  • Xbox logo mug
  • Patterned socks
  • Patterned snapback cap
  • Carbon fibre wallet

While caps aren’t quite my thing – I just can’t pull off many hats – the rest of the collection has got my wallet twitching. I’m a sucker for funky socks, and those Xbox One ones will make a great alternative to my PlayStation and Sonic ones.

Prices are pretty reasonable: the keyrings will set you back £6.99, going up to £15 for the wallet and the cap. Grab ’em now, for delivery around the end of May.