Six More Xbox 360 Games Are Now Xbox One X Enhanced

Ninja Gaiden 2 (1)

If you’ve got an Xbox One X, you’ve probably already been wowed by one or two Xbox 360 games that have been given the enhancement treatment. Now there are some more for you to ogle.

Announced during yesterday’s Inside Xbox, all three Splinter Cell games released for the Xbox 360 – that’s Double Agent, Conviction and Blacklist – are now Xbox One X enhanced. Fable 2 and 3 are also now Xbox One X enhanced, too. Even better though, Ninja Gaiden 2 is now both backwards compatible and Xbox One X enhanced.

As usual, if you already own these games in any way you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy them in their enhanced forms. They’re essentially remasters for free. In fact, most of them look almost as good as current-gen games when running at close to 4K resolution with better texture filtering.


If you don’t own any of these games yet, they’re all available digitally via the Xbox Store – even Ninja Gaiden 2. If you can find physical copies cheaper, however, they’ll work too. Now, with the all the Splinter Cell games being Xbox One X enhanced, does that mean another Splinter Cell game is on the way? We wonder…