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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – 7 Things We’re Most Excited About

Reasons to be excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The recent Star Wars Expo in Chicago gave Star Wars fans many reason to be excited.

The return of Palpatine in the trailer for Rise of the Skywalker was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. But for us gamers, the trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order may well have eclipsed the excitement for Rise of Skywalker, and rightly so.

It has been so long since we’ve had a great Star Wars game, and it’s about time we have another to add to the list of greatest Star Wars games.

Jedi: Fallen Order will release for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 15th, 2019. That may seem like a time far, far away from now, but we’ve picked out seven reasons why you should be excited for it. Maybe even more excited than C3P0 when he finds R2D2 (“it is you, it is you”).

Cal Kestis’ Journey

Cal Kestis is a newly introduced character within Jedi: Fallen Order. He’s a former Jedi Padawan who has gone into exile (like most other surviving Jedi) after Order 66. It’ll be fascinating to see how Cal dealt with this, and what happened to him just after Palpatine’s infamous order.

Cal character’s has been created by some of the writers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. Both shows are hugely popular among Star Wars fans, and both have created new characters with intriguing personalities and backstories. Add to that the voice of Cameron Monaghan (from Gotham and Shameless fame) and it all points to what could be a highly exciting and powerful protagonist.

Learning About the Ways of the Force

There are few things more interesting in Star Wars than the Force and its lore. Cal Kestis, being a former Padawan, will have been taught in the ways of the Force. But we can assume that Order 66 happened before his training finished, and therefore Cal will still be learning, especially after hiding his Force sensitivity for so long.

Jedi: Fallen Order could be a fascinating journey through the ways of the Force. With Cal still having so much to learn, this could be a pivotal part to the journey within Jedi: Fallen Order, and as Cal learns, the player will be learning too. Jedi: Fallen Order could be a fascinating journey following a young Jedi learning the true power of the Force.


BD-1 is Cal Kestis’ companion droid; one that was described as an “equal” by Respawn employees during the Star Wars Expo. Respawn also indicated that BD-1 will be upgradable, implying that the companion droid will be very useful for Cal and his adventure. The ability to have your own customisable droid is a dream come true for many Star Wars fans.

During the Star Wars Expo it was also revealed that BD-1’s nickname at Respawn is “Buddy Droid One”. It looks like BD-1 is going to be an adorable companion for the player, and surely there are going to be moments that plays into the story too. We fully expect BD-1 to tug at our heart strings on more than one occasion. BD-1 could soon become everyone’s new favourite droid, unless of course you’re Jyn Erso… as KS20 says, her behaviour is “continually unexpected.”

Wielding a Lightsaber

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a lightsaber? It’s the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, and quite frankly, it’s the coolest weapon too. During the Star Wars Expo it was implied that the lightsaber Cal Kestis uses may not have originally been his. Therefore there must be a whole story behind Cal getting this weapon – and if it’s anything as intriguing as how it’s represented within The Clone Wars series, then it’s going to be fascinating.

Jedi: Fallen Order is primarily an action game, which means plenty of opportunities to use the powerful lightsaber. With the inclusion of the new Purge Troopers, who are ready for one-on-one combat, we’re expecting plenty of up close and personal duelling.

The Second Sister

The mysterious Second Sister will seemingly be the main antagonist for Jedi: Fallen Order. She’s only ever appeared in Issue 19 of Charles Soule’s Darth Vader comic series, and we’ve previously examined everything we learned about the Second Sister in that issue.

She’s one of the many Inquisitors from the Inquisitorius program formed by Palpatine, and lead by Darth Vader. They are fallen Jedi; they turned their back on the Jedi Order and their primary role now is to find and kill any surviving Jedi. The Second Sister hasn’t had a leading role just yet, but she deserves one: she’s sinister, ruthless and powerful. A villain that we can’t wait to learn more about in Jedi: Fallen Order.

Meeting Other Jedi

The trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order showed the character Cere, who the panel at the Star Wars Expo confirmed used to be a Jedi Knight. It’ll be interesting to see how Cere and Cal interact, with the panel also hinting at the fact that their bond will not like a typical Master and Padawan relationship.

The panel also noted that there will times when Cal has to “group up” with other characters. Could this imply that Jedi: Fallen Order will feature more Jedi? If so, each of them is sure to have a compelling and unique backstory due to Order 66, and fighting alongside other Jedi could an incredible experience.

Discovering More About Order 66

The trailer also briefly shows Cal inspecting a dead Clone Trooper, and watching Palpatine’s iconic Order 66 message. It’ll be interesting to see whether Cal actually believed the lies the Empire spread about the Jedi, and if that is why he suppressed his Force powers. This could be the first time he sees this message, which could be a very pivotal moment in both the game and Cal’s progression.

This moment could also give more of a background to the order, and how other Jedi (outside of the few we’ve already seen react) respond to this message. Order 66 is arguably the most memorable moment of all the Prequel films, and to see it referenced again is highly exciting.

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