Stardew Valley Update 1.4 to Add New Farm and Separate Bank Accounts

Stardew Valley

If you can’t trust your friends with your big wallet, who can you trust?

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone took to Twitter over the weekend to give players some info on what he’s been working on for the game. Update 1.4 will add a new farm map, Four Corners as well as separate bank accounts in multiplayer.


The new farm will split farmers up while still keeping it cooperative. One shared cave, a shared community centre and mines but you’ll have your own farm. Existing multiplayer farms will still have shared everything but you can speak to Mayor Lewis if you wish to break it off. Doing so will split cash evenly among players.

The split bank accounts will keep you from being able to blame your fellow friend for spending all your hard earned cash on that rare scarecrow or more decorations.

Barone’s tease has hinted that 1.4 isn’t too far off, but there’s no exact release date for it yet. Look out for more info in the coming weeks.