1I’m Batman.

Best batman games

I can’t imagine that there are many more people left on the planet who are still yet to find themselves innocently walking along the street, sitting in a café or just generally resting at home before at some point gruffly whispering under their breath, “I’m Batman”.

Why do we do this? Because although society for the longest time has tried its hardest to teach us to take pride in being ourselves, it’s always all too tempting to just be Batman. As the old adage goes: always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.

And thanks to the wonder of video games, we can. We can forget our regular, mediocre lives where we have to wear regular clothes that don’t incorporate a cape, and pretend for a few hours that we are, indeed, the caped crusader. Of course, some games do this better than others – not all Batman games are created equally. And so here’s our pick of the ten best Batman games, old and new.