Where to Get Ammo in Days Gone

Having a good stock of ammo for your guns in Days Gone is an important part of survival. But where do you find it?

Ammo is not always readily available in Days Gone, and it’s easy to run out at an inopportune moment. But following these tips should ensure you stay topped up as much as you can.

Every friendly camp sells ammo for each of your gun types. It’ll cost camp credits, but providing you’ve done a mission or two to raise your trust with that camp, you should have enough to restock ammo. Refill all ammo before you go out on any mission.

Many main missions will provide you with opportunities to restock on ammo as you play through, too. Look around the environments for boxes of ammo – looting these will automatically restock at least one of your guns.

Ammo can also be found by looting bodies of downed enemies. If their gun type matches yours, you’ll be able to take the ammo without taking their weapon – simply loot the corpse.

If you’re really struggling to find ammo in the middle of a non-story mission, it may be wise to travel back to your encampment in order to refill. That, or make sure you look around all buildings and areas to find anything you can loot. Remember, holding in the right stick will highlight anything lootable in your vicinity.

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