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6 Would-Be Video Game Couples We Wish Were Together

Video Game Characters We Want to See in a Relationship

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I can’t be the only one who ships make-believe couples, right?

When it comes to television shows, movies, video games and other popular media there are tonnes of characters whose lives we get deeply invested in. Games where we can romance the protagonist with characters are some of my favourites. It gives you the control that you (probably) don’t have over your own love life.

But sometimes, you don’t get to choose who your characters romance. When that’s the case we’re left longing for what could have been if we had just been able to make a move, give a bit of a hint or even just give them our damn phone number.

Click through to see some of our favourite couples that could’ve been, if only we were allowed to play Cupid.

Chloe and Nadine (Uncharted)

I’m not the only one who was thinking this, right? I spent the entirety of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy begging, no really, begging Chloe to tell Nadine that she thinks she’s super hot. What we really got was a lot of flirting, a lot of them saving each other’s butts and a whole stinkin’ lot of nothing else.

Chloe and Nadine would be perfect together because neither of them take any crap. They’ve both got baggage, daddy issues, and similar interests. Here’s hoping that they get another story in the future because I almost guarantee they won’t be able to stand that sexual tension much longer. I know I can’t.

Leon and Ada (Resident Evil)

The reason that I put Leon and Ada on this list is because they basically represent the epitome of sexual tension. Players never get to see them actually “together” unless it’s a life-or-death situation and they’re forced together by the situation. I’m not saying that Leon and Ada are in L-O-V-E or anything, but they’re basically the Ross and Rachel of the video game scene. Are they or aren’t they really together?

These two meet in Resident Evil 2 where Ada betrays Leon only to later make a U-turn and un-betray (?) him. Basically, girl can’t make up her mind. Then of course she saves his ass in Resident Evil 4 and they run into each other again in Resident Evil 6. It’s not that I expect a marriage and little Ada and Leon babies, but come on Capcom, you’ve gotta give us something.

Sam and Lara (Tomb Raider)

Sam and Lara are two characters that I totally and completely fell in love with when I played Tomb Raider. They’re best friends, they’ve decided to go on this adventure together and they clearly have a strong connection with each other. And of course, Lara goes to the ends of the Earth to find and protect Sam against an evil cult that wants to sacrifice her. If that’s not love, what is?

However, the question is: where does Sam go? We don’t get to see her for the rest of the series, leaving a big gaping hole of nothingness in our hearts. It seemed as though the writers wanted the players to ship Lara with Jonah, but even that goes badly in Shadow of the Tomb Raider when he starts flirting with someone else. We just want Lara to be happy. She deserves some booty – not the treasure kind – and I think Sam’s got a good one.

Spider-Man and Black Cat (Marvel’s Spider-Man)

Black Cat from Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of those hard-to-get kind of girls. Listen, I love Mary-Jane, but sometimes you just want to go for what you can’t have. And clearly Black Cat wants him too. Why else would she leave little cats all around New York city just for him to find? She clearly wants to see what he can really do with those webs.

Some of my favourite moments in the Spider-Man game involve investigating what Black Cat is doing around the city. There was always that question of if we were going to find her somewhere. And if I ever did, I was hoping I’d be able to uh… do a little dance, make a little love… you know where I’m going with this.

Aloy and Talana (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Aloy had a pretty difficult start to her life. She was an outcast in her tribe and spoke to nobody but her father figure, Rost, right up until her teen years. This meant when she finally ventured out into the rest of the world and discovered new tribes there was a lot of new eye candy. And honestly, Aloy does a lot of flirting. Who can blame her?

One character that I really thought would amount to some kind of relationship was Talana. Aloy first meets Talana when she attempts to gain access into the Hunter’s Lodge. After proving herself worthy, Aloy becomes Talana’s thrush – basically her student. Eventually the student becomes the master and Talana, if you have a positive relationship with her, helps Aloy in the final battle. I was really hoping that after basically saving the world, Aloy would jump in there and make a move with Talana. She could have at least given her a ride on her Long Horn steed. Girls love a good steed.

Chris and Jill (Resident Evil)

I’ve been playing through the entire Resident Evil series with my best friend and it has been a blast revisiting some of the greatest moments in video games. What’s not fun is realising how stupid some of these characters were. If Chris says, “we’re partners” in reference to Jill one more time I’m going to crawl in there and slap him myself.

Why else would someone basically take on a suicide mission other than because they want to hit that? I can’t think of a reason. Sure, they’re friends and they’re “partners,” but there’s no way Chris saw Jill in that skin tight body suit and didn’t start sweating. I’m fanning myself off just thinking about it.

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