3Leon and Ada (Resident Evil)

The reason that I put Leon and Ada on this list is because they basically represent the epitome of sexual tension. Players never get to see them actually “together” unless it’s a life-or-death situation and they’re forced together by the situation. I’m not saying that Leon and Ada are in L-O-V-E or anything, but they’re basically the Ross and Rachel of the video game scene. Are they or aren’t they really together?

These two meet in Resident Evil 2 where Ada betrays Leon only to later make a U-turn and un-betray (?) him. Basically, girl can’t make up her mind. Then of course she saves his ass in Resident Evil 4 and they run into each other again in Resident Evil 6. It’s not that I expect a marriage and little Ada and Leon babies, but come on Capcom, you’ve gotta give us something.