Apex Legends in the Esports Scene: What’s Next?

Apex Legends 1

Ever since Respawn quietly released Apex Legends just a couple of months ago, it’s quickly grown to become one of the biggest gaming hits of recent times.

While it may have been easy to write off Apex Legends as “just another battle royale game”, the sheer fun of the gameplay meant that it very quickly became a big hit – it had over 10 million players in its first three days.

But does Apex Legends have what it takes to become a long-lasting hit, or will it just be little more than a flash in the pan? What’s interesting is the fact that Respawn is already gearing up to try and make Apex Legends the breakthrough esports title of the year.


Recently, we have seen esports organisations like Sentinels – the force behind the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Korean Gen.G Overwatch teams – taking a real interest in competitive play in Apex Legends. While Apex Legends is still very new and therefore largely untested in the world of esports, the fact that Sentinels is getting involved means that it could be just a matter of time before we start seeing esports betting resources like www.esports.net featuring odds for the battle royale game.

Many of the players that Sentinels is putting forward for its fledgling Apex Legends team already have a good track record in esports. Some commentators have stated that the fact that the battle royale game hasn’t got any competitive tournament rules could hold back its development as an esport. However, FACEIT has already hosted an invitational contest and we even saw a Twitch Rivals tournament soon after the release of Apex Legends.

But with no franchising or infrastructure around the battle royale game in place just yet, it seems as though Respawn may have its work cut out if they want the game to become an esports hit.

Still, it’s clear that the fanbase is already massive and growing. While most of the competitive gameplay for Apex Legends is unorganised and chaotic, there is enough organic support to encourage big name sponsors to get interested in funding an Apex Legends competitive gaming tournament.

The fact that respected esports teams like Gen.G are getting in early will certainly bolster any moves to create an Apex Legends competitive gaming league. It’s this kind of support that has helped the likes of Rainbow Six Siege become something of a sleeper hit in the esports scene recently, and it will be interesting to see where the game goes from here.

Despite the early promise of Apex Legends, it seems as though the battle royale game has plenty of things to work on before it’s truly ready for true esports success. Many have criticised the game’s first battle pass, and while new characters like Octane proved to be popular, it remains to be seen how the title evolves over the coming months to meet the demands of its loyal players.

There’s is still plenty of hope for Apex Legends, though. The game is much more fun to watch than some of its competitors, and its characters’ movements allow for plenty of entertaining moment-to-moment gameplay for those spectating. Rather than trying to reach out to casual players, it’s hoped that Respawn will work on making sure that the game keeps its feel and concentrates on including features like practice modes and rankings so that it is better prepared for its competitive gaming future.

Certainly the fact that Apex Legends includes a three-person team marks it out as being a little different from iconic esports titles like League of Legends. And with hopes that a decent competitive gaming infrastructure can be built around the title, it seems that Apex Legends could go from strength to strength.