1Great Games on Switch for Children

Nintendo consoles have always had an image of being more family friendly than their competitors.

With the likes of Mario and Yoshi representing the company, how could you think otherwise? But with the Nintendo Switch, the company’s image of being “just for kids” has shifted. The console has opened up, allowing games like the terrifying horror Outlast and ultraviolent DOOM into its library. It’s great news for gamers, but perhaps not for parents looking for a console their children can play without worry of running into unsuitable content.

The bad news is more and more R-rated games are popping up on Switch. The good news is there’s still an absolute treasure trove of wonderful games for children to play on Switch, too. It just means that parents have to exercise a little caution before letting younger players have free reign of the games library. And with the Switch’s fantastic Joy-Con controller, it’s perfect for kids to play together. Click through our list to see some of the best games for kids on Nintendo Switch.