2Nintendo Labo

There are three different Nintendo Labo kits available, and each one is just as suitable for younger players as the next. The first is a Variety Pack, letting you build cool things like a house, or a (working) piano. Second is a mech, building a cardboard robot suit that players can wear. The third – and perhaps our favourite – is a vehicle kit, where players build a fully functioning steering wheel. The game included is an open-world driving game, and it’s a lot of fun.

Labo is, first and foremost, a crafting tool before it is a video game. Building an item out of cardboard is a lot of fun and extremely rewarding. It beats being sat on the couch playing video games in the traditional sense at least. It may be a bit tricky for younger children to build by themselves but with a bit of help, it’s a great deal of fun for all ages.

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