Set in the late 1980s, Firewatch puts you in the shoes of Henry, a park ranger stationed in Shoshone National Forest for the summer. The game is entirely from his perspective, alone in a massive park with not much to do besides be on the watch out for a forest fire. His only means of communication is with Delilah, his supervisor, over a walkie talkie.

Throughout the game we learn a little more about Henry and the difficult life decisions he’s made to bring him to where he is. The meat of the game though lies in discovering strange goings-on in the forest. We learn of a past lookout and his son who mysteriously disappeared, and a group of teenagers seemingly causing trouble in the park who also seem to disappear. Throughout Firewatch‘s short play time, these events unravel and Henry delves deeper into the strange happenings. Like all walking simulators, what is and isn’t real is often thrown into question, and its the mystery that keeps us hooked right until the end.

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