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Can You Drive Cars in Days Gone?

Days Gone casts you as a biker struggling to survive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. But can you get off your bike and into a car?

You could argue until the cows come about which would be the best form of transport if the dead rose to devour the living. Personally, we’d argue that pedal bikes are a valid means of transport: fast (if you’re in shape) and near silent. Days Gone, however, gives you a motorbike to keep you out of the reach of the zombie hordes.

And that’s it. So the answer is no, you can’t drive cars in Days Gone. Yes, there are plenty of cars dotted around the roadside but you can’t drive them. While many of them are little more than piles of rust, some look entirely roadworthy but the most you can do is plunder them for scrap by searching under their hoods or taking whatever you find in the boot.

In all honesty, we don’t miss being able to drive cars since Days Gone’s terrain is so rugged and the roads have seen better days. A quad bike would be cool, though.

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