Can You Go Back North in Days Gone?

Days Gone 8

Days Gone is no small game but there’s a point when part of the map is locked off. Are you doomed to spend the rest of the game never seeing the north again?

About halfway through Days Gone you’re informed that the northern regions of the map are going to be locked out, meaning you can’t go back to Lost Lake and other neighbouring reasons. And true to its word, the game prevents you from returning North.

The good news, however, is that this is only temporary. Eventually the plot will have you head back north, at which point the game will inform you that this time, the south is going to be locked out for a short time.


But by the time you’ve completed Days Gone‘s main storyline, both regions will be unlocked and you can bike back and forth between them whenever you want. Providing you’ve cleared enough nests, you’ll also be able to fast travel between locations – as long as you have enough gas, of course.

So, yes, Days Gone does block certain regions off as you progress through the game– but it’s only a temporary measure that allows the game’s narrative to play out. Worry not, you’ll be able to return to your pals at Lost Lake before long.

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