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A Plague Tale: Innocence

Does A Plague Tale: Innocence Have a Photo Mode?

A Plague Tale: Innocence is a stunning game.

Set in medieval France in the heart of the Black Death, your scenery is often very grim. Surrounded by thousands of rats with villages pillaged and destroyed by armies or the plague, it’s often desperate and harrowing. And yet, the game still manages to be beautiful.

Many times while playing A Plague Tale, I’ve stood to take in my surroundings. Old stone-built villages crumbling under the weight of desperate times. Gorgeous untouched nature; leafy green thickets and babbling brooks. Even the most austere of images, be it a swarm of rats or a burning castle, are a sight to behold.

So, then, does A Plague Tale: Innocence have a photo mode in which to capture its beauty?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. There’s no built-in photo mode tool in A Plague Tale. It’s a shame, because the game’s incredible visuals constantly call out to be captured.

Thankfully, the game has no permanent heads-up display. So you can use the screenshot feature of your console of choice (or a capture device, if that’s how you roll) to capture a clean and uncluttered shot. Of course, it means that protagonists Amicia and Hugo will almost always be in the shot, but the camera rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you some freedom to compose a screenshot.

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