Does Team Sonic Racing Have Split-Screen Multiplayer?

team sonic racing

Wondering if you can play Team Sonic Racing, the latest kart racing game from Sega, in split screen mode?

Well, there’s good news and bad news…

The good news is that Team Sonic Racing does support split-screen offline multiplayer, across all platforms, for up to four players. You can even have four-player split-screen games on the Nintendo Switch undocked, though you’ll be squinting a lot.

This is a welcome feature since relatively few games support split-screen play. We loved World War Z but it was lacking split-screen, unlike Left 4 Dead, the game it aped. Split-screen used to be a staple of any racing game but even in this genre, it can be a rarity these days, so well done to Sega for enabling couch-based competition and co-operation.

The bad news, though, is that you won’t be able to take your whole team online. At the time of writing, split-screen mode is limited to local offline play only. Still, there’s plenty of friendship ruining fun to be had if you get three friends or family members to join you.

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