Epic Games Has Launched Fortnite Season 9

I hope you’ve been practicing your flossing because season 9 of Fortnite has arrived.

If you haven’t had enough of Fortnite, like many of us have, then you’ll be happy to know that season 9 has launched. That means more shooting, more looting and more dancing.

With season 9 of Fortnite comes a lot of changes. The map in Battle Royale has had a facelift that includes a new Slipstream wind transportation as well as new points of interest like Neo Tilted and Mega Mall.

There’s also a slew of upgrades to weapons and items, including the addition of a new semi-automatic combat shotgun.

Creative mode has also received some new customisation options like the Hover Platform, an advanced Creature Manager system and all new islands to build on.

The best way to get the most out of Season 9 is to play, play, play. And we know you’re going to anyway.

Log on to Fortnite to check out what’s in store for the new season. If you want to see the extensive list of new changes to come to season 9, you can see the full patch notes right here.