Honk Your Horns For Truck Driver, Coming to Consoles in September

Meep, meep! Out of the way! Truck Driver incoming!

SODESCO dropped a new trailer today revealing that its upcoming game Truck Driver will be releasing on consoles September 19th with a Steam version coming later in the year on November 11th.

In Truck Driver, you’ll be hauling loads of cargo in the truck that you inherited from your uncle. You’ll be making a name for yourself as one of the top drivers in your new city while driving through a large open world all while making your uncle proud.

The Truck Driver map, as highlighted in the trailer, shows off its complete redesign since the initial game reveal. In no time you’ll be getting behind the wheel, customising your truck, exploring the open road and navigating through gorgeous landscapes.

Check out the new trailer for the game below and look for more info coming before its September release.