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A Plague Tale: Innocence

How Long Does A Plague Tale: Innocence Take to Complete?

A story-driven adventure that takes you through a plague-ridden medieval France, A Plague Tale: Innocence is quite the ride.

It’s a very linear game, with not much in the way of open exploration. There are a few opportunities to explore a nook or cranny, with a few collectibles to pick up. But for the most part, your journey through the game follows a set path, so your experience won’t differ from anyone else’s.

But how long can you expect to spend with A Plague Tale: Innocence? How long does it take to complete?

The game is made up of 17 chapters, and each of those chapters differs greatly in length. A couple of chapters are nothing more than a couple of cutscenes, taking little more than 10 minutes to complete. Others will see you undertake epic quests, taking up to an hour to complete.

Overall, you should expect to complete A Plague Tale: Innocence in around 10 hours, although of course that time does depend on your performance and skill level.

The game is made up of a lot of stealth sections, along with a few combat-focused battles and some environmental puzzles. Should you fail any part of the game, you’ll get a black screen letting you know you’ve met your end. Thankfully, A Plague Tale‘s checkpoint system is very lenient, so you’ll never have to go back too far. But if you keep failing, or keep getting caught on a stealth section, it may take you slightly longer.

However long it takes though, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a beautiful and harrowing adventure. It’s well worth every minute spent with it.

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