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How to Craft Items in Rage 2

If you like making use of gadgets in Rage 2, you might want to start crafting them instead of buying them.

Everything from grenades to auto-turrets can be crafted in Rage 2. Even Health Infusions. But first, you must reach level 2 with the gadget you wish to craft.

Unlike skills and weapons, gadgets aren’t levelled up by spending Feltrite. Instead, you need to buy schematics for each gadget from the vendors that you find across the world. To get you started, you’ll find cheap schematics for grenades, Wingsticks and Health Infusions in the town of Gunbarrel.

Once you’ve reached level 2 with any gadget, you’ll be able to craft them, but you’ll need materials to do so. You’ll find lots of materials out in the open world – make sure you check boxes and shelves for anything laying around. Materials can also be bough from vendors if you can’t be bothered to explore or scour every nook and cranny. See what materials you need to craft any specific gadget by going to the inventory tab in the game’s menu.

As you play Rage 2, you’re able to reduce the number of materials you need to craft items. Take a look in the Projects tab in the game’s menu, and you’ll see that there are some projects that make crafting more efficient. Unlock those as soon as possible if you envisage yourself doing a lot of crafting.

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