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How to Craft Upgrades in A Plague Tale: Innocence

In A Plague Tale: Innocence, your only means of defence is a slingshot.

It’s a pretty versatile tool, though, and lead character Amicia is quite a crack shot. Equipped with only a rock, she can take out an enemy if you can aim a shot at their head. While you can’t unlock new weapons, there are a number of upgrades you can unlock as you play through.

Some new types of ammo will automatically become available as you play through the story, but other upgrades need to be crafted. Here’s everything you need to know about upgrades and crafting in A Plague Tale.

To start out, the only place you can craft any upgrades is by a workbench. You’ll come across your first workbench in chapter two, when Amicia and Hugo seek refuge in an old woman’s home. She’ll provide you with the materials to apply the first upgrade to your slingshot.

The upgrades are limited, but useful. You can make your slingshot faster to aim and quicker to reload, for instance. You can also upgrade your storage space, allowing you to carry more crafting materials and ammo types. You can also eventually unlock an upgrade that means you no longer need to seek out a workbench in order to craft.

Each craftable upgrade requires a certain number of materials. No materials is particularly rare, but some you’ll use more frequently than others. You also need the same materials to craft ammo types (which can be done on the fly), so you may have to make a concerted effort to save up for a specific upgrade.

For each upgrade you employ, you’ll need a crafting tool. These are the rarest type of material, but you’ll often find one near each workbench. It’s wise to save them up to make the upgrades you really want, rather than crafting each upgrade as it becomes available.

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