How to Fast Travel in Rage 2

Rage 2 2 (1)

Rage 2‘s open world is pretty big, so sometimes you’re going to want to use fast travel rather than driving or walking.

Unfortunately, your fast travel options are pretty limited in Rage 2 though. You can only fast travel between a few select locations that are considered safe.

Trade towns, Mutant Bash TV (MBTV) locations and race tracks are the only things you can fast travel to in Rage 2, though thankfully there are a fair few of those spread across the game’s map. To fast travel to them, you simply need to bring up the map, place your cursor on one of them, and then press the X button on Xbox One or Square button on PS4.


It’s not the best fast travel system in the world, but it does enable you to quickly get back to a town when you want to resupply. It’s also handy when you just want to take part in a quick race or kill some mutants in MBTV.

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