How to Find and Destroy Nests in Days Gone

Looking to destroy nests in Days Gone but aren’t sure how? Here’s a handy guide on how to set freakers homes ablaze.

Nests are the locations where freakers tend to spend their days, all snuggled up amongst the twigs and poo. Lovely. Disposing of them can be tricky, but follow the steps below and you should escape with your life.

  1. First, find a nest. Nest areas are marked by a big red symbol on the map, but the individual nests in that area are harder to track down. Wander around, looking for sticks and black patches on the walls. Deacon will tell you when you’re close to one.
  2. If it’s night time, there’ll be less freakers inside, but more wandering outside. Either way, be prepared to move quickly so ideally get your bike close to the nest. Kill any freakers in your way, preferably quietly.
  3. Craft a molotov, napalm molotov or find a gas can.
  4. Find the large nest area; there’ll be various bunches of twigs and dirt but the main nest is by far the biggest.
  5. Get reasonably close. You can burn a nest through a window if you’re lucky, but it’s better to get close enough to throw it and hit the nest.
  6. If you’ve got a molotov, throwing it is enough. If you’ve got a fuel can, throw the fuel can or drop the fuel can by the bottom of the nest and then shoot it.
  7. Run. It’ll take a few seconds to fully burn, before you get the message that the nest has been burnt, but it’s wise to run away. Be prepared to take down some freakers who’ll wander out of the burning nest.
  8. If you’re successful, the game will you tell you “nest 1 out of X” has been destroyed. If not, go back to step 5 and try again.

Burn all the nests in the area, and the area in Days Gone will be labelled clear – though you will still encounter freakers in that region.


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