How to Get Fuel and Refuel Your Bike in Days Gone

Running out of fuel in Days Gone and having to walk your bike to the nearest gas station? Here’s how to get fuel for your chopper.

Unlike most other open world games, Days Gone requires you to regularly refuel your bike. The good news is that fuel supplies regenerate. The bad news is that if you run out you’ll have to walk your bike along by using the left thumbstick, to the shame of badass biker Deacon.

There are three ways to get fuel.


Refuel at a camp

Initially, you’ll only have access to one camp when Days Gone starts, but gradually you’ll unlock more as the storyline progresses.

At your mountain lookout camp – the safehouse Deacon and Boozer stay in at the start of the game – you’ll find a gas canister in the grounds which you’ll need to take to your bike, then press circle when prompted to fill up the gas can. It’s free to refuel here, and the gas can will regenerate.

At other camps (they’re marked on the map), you’ll have to go to the mechanic and pay to have the bike refuelled.

Refuel at a gas station

There are gas stations scattered around Days Gone‘s map, but not all have working fuel pumps. The ones that do have working pumps are shown as pump symbols on your map. Drive to one of these and press O next to the pump to refuel. 

If gas stations don’t have working pumps, it’s very likely that you’ll still find a red gas can or two lying around.

Find a gas can

Gas cans are scattered around various locations in Days Gone, so check each location you stop at if you’re running low on fuel. Once you’ve found a can, pick it up with the square symbol, take it to your bike, stand to the left of the bike and press O to refill.

If you have to walk back to camp, you can get your bike retrieved for a small fee and the good news is that fuel cans regenerate and gas pumps never empty. But I certainly wouldn’t want to walk through zombie infested territory on foot, so keep an eye on your fuel gauge.

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