How to Get More Ammo in Void Bastards

Void Bastards 6 (1)

When you start playing Void Bastards, you might find yourself running out of ammo pretty fast.

Starting with only one weapon – a pistol – you’ll be forced to use it to defend yourself whenever you board a ship. For some reason, the developers of Void Bastards didn’t think to put a melee attack in the game. As a result, you’ll find yourself running out of ammo a lot.

It gets less troublesome as you progress further into the game, as by unlocking more weapons some get left in reserve as you explore. So as you play, the odd bit of ammo for the weapons you don’t use very often stacks up. If you want to find more ammo for the weapons you do like to use though, there are some things you can do.

Visit Vendors

One way to obtain more ammo in Void Bastards is to visit ships with vending machines in them. On the Sargasso Nebula map, you’ll be able to spot them as they have the letter K on them. When highlighting them, it’ll state in the ship info on the right-hand side of the screen that they contain vending machines. Board them, and you’ll be able to buy ammo for your weapons using merits. If you haven’t got any merits, you can sell materials there to get some.

Unlock Skills

Another way to obtain ammo is to unlock the various hunter upgrades that are to the right of each weapon on the Workbench screen. You’ll need to find or craft the components to unlock them, but once you do, they’ll allow you find ammo on various types of ships. You’ll be able to find plenty of staples in ships that have XON Theatres, for example, and bullets in HAB modules.


Finally, as a last resort, simply dying is worth considering. When you die, you take control of a new Void Bastard and get a fresh allocation of ammo, fuel and food. If you die just after you’ve completed a main objective, you won’t really lose any progress but will obtain the resources you need to fight on. There’s even an upgrade to unlock that starts you with 50% extra ammo and supplies.