How to Get More Oxygen in Void Bastards

Void Bastards 3 (1)

Every time you board a derelict ship in Void Bastards, your time to explore is limited by the amount of oxygen you have.

On Void Bastards‘ normal difficulty, you generally have around seven minutes or so to explore before you run out of oxygen and steadily begin to lose health. That figure can vary though, as some ships have modifiers that change how long your oxygen lasts. There are some things you can do to give yourself more oxygen though.

O2 Rooms

On each ship you board, there’s generally an O2 room in which you can refill your oxygen to a certain extent by interacting with a machine. And that’s not all. By authorising the machine by expending merits, you can even temporarily increase your maximum oxygen for a short while. Handy for when you want to explore a little while longer.

Unlock Upgrades

How long your oxygen lasts can be permanently increased by unlocking the Rebreather upgrade, too. You’ll find it in the row of upgrades second from the bottom on the Workbench screen, and it permanently increases your O2 capacity by 50%. It can be further upgraded as well, giving you ample time to loot.

Change the Difficulty

Changing the game’s difficulty also affects how long your oxygen lasts. If you find yourself running out of oxygen regularly in Void Bastards and want more time to explore, consider lowering the difficulty. It will also make your enemies a bit weaker, but at least you’ll be able to enjoy yourself without the threat of a timer looming over your head.