How to Kill a Zec in Void Bastards

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Void Bastards

Once you start reaching the depths of the Sargasso Nebula in Void Bastards, you might start bumping into a Zec or two.

As enemies go, Zecs are possibly the most irritating in Void Bastards due to their shield that prevents them from taking any damage from the front. And once they’re aware of you, you can’t move around them to get to their backs, either. There are a few ways to easily take them down though.

The first way is to sneak attack them. Zecs aren’t that strong when you do actually manage to hit them. A shot to the back with most guns will kill a Zec outright if it hasn’t seen you. But sometimes, it’s just not possible.

When a Zec is aware of your presence, you have two options if you want to dispose of it. The Nebulator gun causes a lot of splash damage at the point of impact, so using that is one option. Don’t aim directly at the Zec as its shield will prevent it from taking any damage. Aim at the floor just to the left or right of the Zec instead. The splash damage will make short work of it.

Alternatively, make use of the Rifter gadget. With the Rifter, you can warp a Zec right out of existence and carry it around with you. You won’t be able to use the Rifter again until you’ve released the Zec though. A good tactic is to find a nearby environmental hazard such as fire or electricity and release the Zec into it. It’ll die pretty quickly. If there are no hazards nearby, simply release the Zec into a room you can lock, and then forget about it.