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How to Light Fires in A Plague Tale: Innocence

Fire is perhaps your most important tool in A Plague Tale: Innocence – it’s the only thing to keep the rats at bay.

Unfortunately, you don’t always have much control of how and when you can light a fire. Your character Amicia doesn’t have a torch in her equipment, so she can only pick one up if you find one in the environment.

Thankfully, A Plague Tale always gives you everything you need to tackle the rats. If you need to light a fire in a particular area, you’ll find the equipment you need somewhere nearby.

Usually, that means picking up a stick from a pile, lighting it in a nearby fire, and walking to the next firepit or extinguished lantern in order to light it. These sticks don’t last very long, however, so you need to move quickly.

Occasionally, you’ll also find a proper torch. These don’t go out by themselves like sticks do, but they also hinder Amicia’s movement. She can’t climb over any obstacles while carrying one, so she’ll need to put it down should she need to climb.

Finally, Amicia will eventually unlock an alchemical spell that will allow her to start a fire anywhere there are burning embers. It’s a craftable item in your equipment wheel – simply press R1 to access it. But you’ll need to have the items in your inventory to be able to craft them; they aren’t unlimited.

Until you unlock the craftable item, however, the only way to light fires in A Plague Tale: Innocence is to use the items in the environment. Look for bales of sticks, and torches on walls. Wherever you need a fire, there’ll be a clue somewhere nearby.

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