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How to Obtain and Upgrade Nanotrite Abilities in Rage 2

When you first start playing Rage 2, the action is a bit vanilla.

You can move around and shoot your gun and that’s about it. To make Rage 2 more fun, you’re going to want to obtain Nanotrite abilities, and also upgrade them.

You’ll obtain your first Nanotrite ability – Dash – very early in the game. You honestly can’t miss it. After that though, many skills require you to do some adventuring.

To obtain Nanotrite abilities you need to locate Arks. They’re big pod-like structures, and you’ll find them in various places in Rage 2‘s world. If you move your cursor over an unobtained skill in the Nanotrite tab in the game’s menu, you’ll see that it gives you a clue where the Ark that contains it is located. It’s up to you to hunt it down.

Some Arks will be found as you simply make your way through the Rage 2‘s story missions, others can be found by exploration. If you use focus while you’re out in the open world, you’ll see multicoloured beacons reaching up into the sky that give the locations of Arks away. Find them all, and you’ll be fully kitted up with abilities and weapons.

To upgrade your Nanotrite abilities, simply go into the Nanotrite tab in the menu. From there, select the ability you want to upgrade, and you’ll see how much Feltrite is required to level the skill up on the right hand side. Increasing the level of a Nanotrite ability opens up more perks, which can be bought by spending Nanotrite Boosters. Buy the perks that you think will be more useful first.

Nanotrite Boosters can be found by completing various activities out in Rage 2‘s open world. They can also be found in Ark Chests, and purchased from vendors. And if you later decide that you don’t like the abilities you’ve upgraded with your Nanotrite Boosters, you can pay to respec your character in the town of Wellspring.

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