How to Perform a Boost Start in Team Sonic Racing

team sonic racing 3

While ultimately it probably doesn’t have much bearing on the outcome of a race, it’s nice to propel yourself to the front of the pack at the beginning of each of Team Sonic Racing‘s events by performing a boost start..

Like nearly all kart racing games, Team Sonic Racing is all about using boost and the items you pick up while racing around to obtain and maintain the lead, and using a boost start is just one part of that. But how do you perform a boost start?

Well, it’s fairly simple, really. To perform a boost start in Team Sonic Racing, you need to press the accelerator as each number is shouted out during the countdown. So press the accelerator when the announcer is about to say 3, 2, and then 1. Each time you successfully press the accelerator you should see boost charge up at the back of your vehicle, and it will change colour with each additional charge.


For the best boost start you want to successfully gather three charges of boost, but even just one or two charges is better than nothing. Although, like previously noted, it probably doesn’t have a great deal of bearing on the result of the overall race. A single crash or being hit with a weapon is enough to wipe out any benefit that a boost start provided.