How to Restore Your Health in Void Bastards

Void Bastards 2 (1)

As you move through the Sargasso Nebula in Void Bastards, boarding ships whenever something piques your interest, you’re going to get into situations where your health is low.

The good news is that there are numerous ways to restore your health in Void Bastards. The bad news is that it’s pretty much impossible to restore all of your health on a whim.

When on the Sargasso Nebula map, you restore a bit of health each time you make a move providing you have food. If you don’t have food, you’ll actually lose a bit of health when moving. You can also choose to remain stationary and rest if you like, which doesn’t use your fuel but does consume food. The amount you heal each day by consuming food can be increased by 50% by unlocking the Colon Cleanser upgrade on the Workbench.

Another the only other way to restore your health in Void Bastards is to visit a Xon ship, which more often than not have a theatre in them. You’ll be able to spot Xon ships on the Sargasso Nebula map as they are blood red. Board one, locate the theatre using the map and head there. You’ll be able to restore a large amount of health instantly for free. You can also authorise the machine to temporarily boost your max health.