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How to Save Your Game in Rage 2

When battling through Rage 2‘s crazy world, the last thing you want to to is lose your progress.

Thankfully, Rage 2 is yet another game that regularly autosaves for you, letting you get on with killing enemies and looting stuff. Every once in a while though, you might want to make a manual save, just in case.

To save your game in Rage 2, you first need to bring up the pause menu. From there, you can simply move down to the Save Game option and click it. On the next screen, choose a slot to save to and there you go, your progress is saved.

There’s one thing to be aware of though – if you manually save your game while playing a mission, only progress up to your last checkpoint will be saved. So, if you really need to turn the game off, either complete the mission you’re doing, or reach a new checkpoint. Not that it’s always clear that you’ve reached a new checkpoint…

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