How to Save Your Game in Void Bastards

Void Bastards 3 (1)

If you’ve just started playing Void Bastards, you’re probably wondering how you save your game.

We don’t blame you – there are no options to save anywhere, and not even a way to quit the game. Though Void Bastards is like that because it has an autosave system.

Basically, whenever you return to or perform an action on the S.T.E.V., Void Bastards saves the game for you. That means you’re safe to close the game whenever you’re not on board a derelict ship without losing any progress.

When you are on board a ship, however, you better think twice before closing the game. Nothing you pick up or do is saved until you return to the airlock and arrive back on board the S.T.E.V. So, remember, always return to the S.T.E.V. in Void Bastards if you want to quit the game without losing any progress. Even if it means cutting short an expedition.