How to Unlock More Vehicles in Rage 2

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Your default vehicle in Rage 2 – the Phoenix – is pretty good, but it’s nice to have a range of vehicles at your disposal.

Lots of vehicles are available to you in Rage 2, and each and every one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. To be able to use them, however, you have to put some work in. You need to unlock them, and then in most cases store them.

Pretty much as soon as you start Rage 2, you’re going to want to purchase a Project that Lilly has available for you if you want more vehicles. Called the Vehicles Extension Project, it allows you to jump into cars that you find out in the open world, and if you take them to a trade town such as Gunbarrel or Wellspring, you can pay a small sum to store them, which adds them to your garage. Once you’ve done that, you can then call them to your location whenever you want for a small fee.


There are some vehicles that can’t be made available this way though, such as the Raptor bike that requires you to reach Capture and Control level 10 before it becomes available for use. To see what you need to do to unlock such vehicles, simply head on over to the vehicles tab in the game’s menu and select a vehicle that’s locked. It’ll tell you what you need to do to unlock it on the right hand side of the screen.

The Vehicles tab is also where you can upgrade the Phoenix, but you need Auto Parts to do so. Auto Parts can be found in Ark Chests, bought from vendors and won by completing races, and they allow you to make the Phoenix stronger. New weapons can also be bought, making it more destructive. Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade the other vehicles that are available.

Needless to say, Rage 2 is more fun when you have a range of vehicles available, and by upgrading the Phoenix you can become even more of a killing machine.

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