How to Upgrade Your Vehicles in Team Sonic Racing

team sonic racing

When you first start playing Team Sonic Racing, you might find the pace a bit slow.

The good news is that you can make the game’s vehicles a bit faster, and also change how they look, by unlocking and equipping customisation parts.

As you complete events in Team Sonic Racing, you gain credits, and by spending those credits on Mod Pods you can unlock a wide variety of customisation options. You simply have to select the Mod Pods option on the game’s main menu, then you’ll be presented with a screen that lets you buy Mod Pods for 10 credits each.


Unfortunately, the items you get from Mod Pods are entirely random, so you might have to buy lots of them before you get the parts for your favourite character/vehicle. Everything from new wheels to alternative horns are available, so there’s a lot of stuff to unlock. Thankfully, you accrue credits pretty fast in Team Sonic Racing, so it doesn’t take too long to amass a large amount of them.

Once you’ve unlocked some customisation options, head on over to the garage to apply them. Vehicle part items such as engines and wheels will affect the performance of your vehicle in various ways, and also change how it looks. Highlight them to see what effect they have. This way, you can make your vehicle faster if you like, or if you’re about to tackle a twisty track, you could sacrifice speed for better handling. It’s up to you.

Cosmetic items on the other hand are just that – they only affect how your vehicle looks. Express yourself by paining your vehicle in your favourite colours. And maybe also apply a skin you’ve unlocked and a new horn. If you’re going to race, you may as well race in style, after all!