Hungry Baby: Party Treats is a Weird Little Game to Play With Your Friends

Feeding a hungry baby doesn’t sound like much of a fun game.

But what about if I tell you the path between baby’s mouth and the food he wants to eat is laden with traps? In Hungry Baby: Party Treatsyou are the treats. Your goal is to reach hungry baby’s mouth, avoiding stepping on deadly obstacles along the way.

Designed to be played in local multiplayer with up to four players, it’s a race to see who can get to the end fastest. The gameplay area is a grid made up of tiles, and a number of those tiles hides a dangerous trap. It’s a little like Minesweeper, minus any logic of where the traps might be. Step on a dangerous trap (and you will, unless you’re super lucky), and you’ll go right back to the start.


With a full four-player roster in tow, Hungry Baby: Party Treats is a riotous and fun affair. On-screen action gets rather chaotic with your food-themed avatars dying and respawning left, right and centre. You’ll no doubt curse your friends when they steam ahead – but you’ll be laughing when they get sent right back to the start at the last hurdle. Do you hang back, in the hope of learning from your friends’ mistakes? Or do you go for it, hoping luck is on your side and you can storm ahead while avoiding the hidden obstacles?

There are a few different game modes to Hungry Baby, but they all boil down to the same basic premise: storm ahead while avoiding dangerous traps. In one, you’re racing to a frying pan rather than a hungry baby’s mouth. In another, you’re racing around a track.

There’s a single player campaign, too, which pits you against a clock rather than your friends. You’re scored out of three stars depending how fast you can complete the level. You can also play the multiplayer levels with AI – who seem a little too good at the game if you ask me.

Hungry Baby: Party Treats isn’t the sort of thing you’re going to play for hours on end. But if you have a few friends over, it’ll certainly provide a few laughs for 30 minutes or so. For £4.49/$4.99 on Switch, it’s worth it just for the pure chaos. And the cute foodie avatars. Look at those lollipops!