Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s A Woman’s Lot Delayed on Console

Kingdom Come Deliverance

A Woman’s Lot, the fourth piece of DLC for Warhorse Studios’ excellent Kingdom Come: Deliverance, will be available on PC later this month. But console players will have to wait a bit longer unfortunately.

28th May is the day that PC owners of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will finally be able to play as a woman. Those who own the game on PS4 and Xbox One, however, will have to wait until 11th June in order to make sure the DLC is up to scratch for them.

In A Woman’s Lot, players will take control of Teresa, who’s accompanied by her loyal dog Tinker. With a questline leading up to raid on Skalitz, it’ll provide a new insight to the events that unfolded before Henry was found unconscious. No price for the DLC has been announced yet, but those before it have cost around £7.99/$9.99 at launch.


Because of the DLC delay, the console edition of Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition will also land a bit later on 11th June. Including the base game and all free and paid DLC to date, it’s the best way for those who haven’t yet played Kingdom Come: Deliverance to jump in. And they should, because it’s one of the best open world RPGs of recent years.