Listen to the Shadow of the Colossus Soundtrack Like Never Before With This Heavy Metal Tribute

Lets rock those socks off!

Shadow of the Colossus has a fantastic soundtrack to begin with, but mix that with some brilliant heavy metal instruments and you’ve got a metal album to remember. Materia Collective, along with guitarist and arranger Ferdk, has released Battle with the Colossus, an 11-track symphonic metal tribute to Shadow of the Colossus.


Here’s the full track list for the album:

  1. Revived Power
  2. The Opened Way
  3. In Awe of the Power
  4. A Messenger from Behind
  5. A Violent Encounter
  6. Liberated Guardians
  7. Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins
  8. A Despair-filled Farewell
  9. Counterattack
  10. Final Battle
  11. The Farthest Land

You can listen to the album almost anywhere and you won’t be sorry hearing the brilliant soundtrack of Shadow of the Colossus reimagined in this fashion.