Looks Like We’ll Be Finding More Out About Death Stranding This Week

Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s upcoming PS4 game, has been somewhat shrouded in mystery since its announcement in 2016.

Trailers and teasers have trickled out in the last three years, showing off impressive visual cutscenes and a bevy of talent. But we don’t have much in the way of information about the game. What’s the gameplay like? What genre does it fit into? Most importantly, when do we get to play it? Whether we’ll get any of the answers we’d like is yet to be seen, but Kojima Productions has just tweeted that we can expect… something… on 29th May. That’s this Wednesday.


“The countdown of Death Stranding has started… May 29th. Create the rope,” the tweet says. It’s about as cryptic as we’d expect from Death Stranding at this point.

It makes sense that more information of the game would come now, a few weeks before E3. After all, the game’s a PlayStation exclusive, and Sony isn’t having a presence at the annual show this year.

Will we finally get a release date? Will this simply be another trailer, no doubt impressive but just as cryptic as every trailer before it? “Create the rope” has some kind of significance, as Kojima tweeted a short video from his personal account last night with the same phrase. Hmm.

We have two days to speculate, before all is revealed.